Who We Are

The Croatian Law Center (CLC) is an independent and non-profit civil society organization established in 1994. Our initiatives are focused on the rule of law, human rights, and good governance. We continuously work to contribute to their establishment and promotion using arguments from independent experts, legal theorists, and practitioners.

The core activity of CLC is providing free legal assistance to vulnerable groups, including citizens of the Republic of Croatia, applicants for international protection, persons granted international protection, and foreigners under temporary protection.

Over the past thirty years, we have conducted numerous legal research projects in collaboration with legal experts and scientists, focusing on different legal areas. Our extensive experience in managing EU-funded projects, as well as transnational projects, includes various areas of law. Additionally, we have developed a broad network of contacts in all sectors of government, the academic community, and civil society, as well as with independent institutions and experts.

Since its inception, we have organized various forms of education for the public sector and civil society, including programs for judges, police officers, lawyers, and students. We actively participate in policy processes, advocating for and monitoring the actions of public authorities to promote human rights and good governance.