With the aim to contribute to the evidence-based policy making in the field of migration policies, Croatian Law Centre is organizing an international conference “New Legal Pathways for Access to Protection and Integration of Refugees in Europe – Opportunities and Challenges” on November 23, 2023, from 9:15 AM until 5:00 PM, CET. The Conference will be held in hybrid mode, happening in Zagreb, Hotel Dubrovnik, with the possibility to participate online as well.

From January 2022, the Croatian Law Centre has been implementing the transnational two-year project „Complementary Pathways for Southeast Europe – COMP4SEE” co-financed by the AMIF Fund of the EU and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The partners on this project are Peace Institute (Slovenia), Legal Centre for the Protection of Human Rights and Environment (Slovenia) and Foundation for Access to Rights (Bulgaria).

Complementary pathways are safe and regulated avenues of arrival and integration support for persons in need of international protection. Complementary pathways do not substitute States’ obligations to provide international protection to refugees through access to asylum, and they need to be in addition and cannot substitute those arriving through States’ or UNHCR-referred resettlement programmes. For example, family reunification procedures outside those core ones provided by national asylum legislation, humanitarian and sponsorship schemes are all possible forms of complementary pathways.

The main aim of the Project is to contribute to the development of complementary pathways in HR, SI and BG by creating new models of private/community sponsorships and to offer recommendations for the improvement of national family reunification systems. The Project envisages research and advocacy-based activities that strive to increase the number of places for legal admission and effective integration of refugees.

The main goal of the Conference is to ensure promotion of complementary pathways as means of legal arrival, admission and integration of the refugee population.

In order to ensure wider European reach, the Conference aims to gather experts and relevant stakeholders not just from our three partnering countries, but also from across CEE and SEE EU member states and states in the accession process to the EU, too.

The working language of the Conference will be English, with no translation provided. The Conference will be held in a hybrid mode for participants outside Croatia, with an access link provided closer to the date.

In order to participate, please register for the Conference HERE